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“Arche Nova e.V.”- Cinema Spot & Imagefilm

Brian Karp 
(second Camera & Editor)

In collaboration with Director Dietmar Klein,
DOP Thomas Etzold for arche noVa e.V.


arche noVa website & Imagefilm

arche noVa Imagefilm article

arche noVa e.V. is a German NGO working worldwide for humanitarian aid, education and development aid. An important focus in arche noVa's work, is the provision of drinking water, through construction of wells and water recycling plants. arche noVa is always concerned not only to provide aid, but also to train local professionals. This is to guarantee that aid projects can be continued independently, strengthening the local economy and promoting independence.

We have produced a film and a cinema spot for arche noVa, which, in addition to the hard and valuable work, should also provide insights into the history and philosophy of the association. arche noVa relies on donations and was therefore very happy to get more publicity on the internet and in cinemas. The spot was shown in the Dresden Programmkino Ost and on 37 screens of the Yorck Kino Gruppe Berlin.

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