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The Green Twenties

Berlin-based film collective dedicated to social and environmental justice. 
We believe in the power of film and storytelling to raise awareness and empathy.

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In a world full of headlines, fake news and short attention spans, we’re committed to going deep on the important issues. Unlike other production companies and content creators, our team has extensive experience in research, strategy and communication. We strive to contribute to a sustainable world of equality and compassion.

We use documentary and fiction filmmaking, social messaging, creative strategy, visual anthropology, ethnography & innovation to fight the good fight. We work in the fields of climate protection, culture, education and empowerment. We also teach storytelling & filmmaking, edit third-party productions, design films for sustainable campaigns, write and film real & fictional documentaries. We have a core team, and an extensive network of collaborators to ensure that no-matter what the challenge is, we can handle it. 

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