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In Development

Coming soon: current projects with sustainable futures on the horizon.

MI MODO SAGUM - Don’t Save it for Tomorrow 

A musical about the changing climate of Sarawak, Malaysia. Working with Indigenous Penan musicians from Sarawak / Malaysia, this mid-length documentary explores the results of deforestation on shifting local climate patterns.

#HoertUnsZu (listen to us)

An Erasmus project between 4 primary schools in Berlin and Vienna until June 2022. Green20s is making a participatory documentary together with the primary school children: What do the children have to say to the adults about climate change and environmental protection?

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The Transformation Portal

How can the region of Berlin transform into a self-sustaining ecosystem? This is the question that we are exploring in our latest project. In collaboration with Transformation Haus & Feld, we are developing an open-access resource platform that acts as a meeting place. We are bringing together the worlds leading science, with practical solutions and empowering citizens with the skills and resources needed to collectively mobilise and regenerate the ecology. The challenge of the PORTAL is to take the scientific significance of systemic thinking and apply this into practical steps in an urban context. To bring together both established and emerging initiatives, and collectively try and answer this poignant questions, of how do we collectively transform urban environments into healthy ecologies?

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