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The Core Team

In 2020, the trio joined forces on a Climate Change campaign, with a shared belief in the power of our craft and the role films can play in making the world a better place. When we united, we knew something special was happening. And so birthed the commitment to combining our skills and efforts to fight injustices together in this decisive decade, and hopefully in hindsight seen as “The Green 20’s”. We’re not business partners, we’re friends. We care for each other and for our damaged planet. We put heart in what we do. We believe in solidarity and connections. And we’re more interested in social & environmental justice than we are in profits.

Our Statement

We support initiatives and people who work for a life in harmony with natural resources and a simultaneous reduction of social injustices.

Our society is at a turning point. Our mission is to cinematically articulate the social and ecological transformation of the zeitgeist in the 20s. In doing so, we focus on civil society and different forms of activism in the field of climate protection and social justice. We also support and partner with NGOs, companies and initiatives from the sectors of sustainable mobility, citizen energy, ecological and regional agriculture, up-cycling / recycling, sustainable infrastructure, democracy & civil participation, nature conservation, anti racism and feminism. It is important to us to understand and communicate the larger societal contexts.

Our values and beliefs are strongly aligned with post-growth theory and thus we are aligned with models such as Donut Economies and Regional Circular Economies. We believe that climate protection leads to a better life for all.

Less consumption leads to the values of sharing and embeds the significance of community. Less growth and development means deceleration. Sustainable mobility equates healthy and liveable cities and urban environments. Transitioning from disposable culture into patterns of repairing means empowerment and a localised independence. Ideals of feminism and decolonialisation equates more inclusivity and equality.

There are many people who share and are committed to this positive vision of an inclusive and climate-friendly future.

Together we want to present this vision and make it accessible to all.

In solidarity,

The Green Twenties Collective

Leonard Leesch: Cinematographer & Producer

Leonard is a cinematographer and photographer dedicated to creating authentic stories with cultural and social backgrounds. Besides various co-productions in the image film sector and establishing his own video production, Leonard produced a documentary about education in West-Africa / Sierra Leone. He teaches video journalism in workshops to young subcultural groups which aim to bring integration through educational empowerment. Due to the recent developments in the political inertia on climate change, he has taken up progressive climate issues to make a  change on urgently needed global awareness on injustice between Global North and South. His goal is to document the positive impacts of human compassion in every corner, bringing hope to the world. 



Brian Karp: Cinematographer, Editor & Activist

After studying psychology and his completion of the Master in Visual and Media Anthropology (Freie Universität Berlin), Brian has participated in various German TV-productions in a variety of roles. His own film projects have a focus on  socio-political topics like abortion, migration and dwelling. Brian has always been committed to climate protection and social justice. Behind the scenes, and on the  frontline, he has worked for nature conservation at GÖP Hamburg, supporting the Occupy Movement, Ende Gelände and a bike friendly infrastructure.

Blake Paul Kendall: Writer, Producer & Campaign Strategist 

Blake is Australian according to passport, and based between Berlin / Sarawak / Sydney. After five years working as a producer and director in commercial production in Australia, Blake fell in love with film. Working across multiple mediums, the past was dedicated to collaborating with Indigenous communities in language preservation projects. Since 2013, he has been collaborating with Penan communities in Sarawak (Malaysia // New Pangea ) with a focus on developing sustainable futures in the post-logged forests. More interested in dialogue than in answers, aspiring to the ‘Open Ended’. A student to life, and more formally a graduate of M.A. Visual & Media Anthropology (Freie Universitat Berlin) and B.A. Writing and Cultural Studies (University of Technology, Sydney). In 2011 he learnt to listen...

We have a spacious film studio with sound booth and editing suite centrally located in Berlin (Friedrichshain) and a second day light studio in Wilmersdorf where we can realize productions like talks, interviews, voice-overs, 4K post production, colorgrading and photoshoots.

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