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Where sight and sound blend with story. We are primarily filmmakers. We love the craft and believe in the power of storytelling. Broadcast partnerships, feature films and multi-modality formats. We make NON/FICTION films to inspire a better tomorrow.

“THE ‘TULIN’ TRILOGY” - a film about a Virus Outbreak on a Sick Planet, 2017-2020

A Penan family and their adopted son made a movie about a virus that has spread across the globe, and their search for the medicinal plant to save humanity. In the post-logged forests of Sarawak, they try and sense-make the senseless, in their climate changed realities. 

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“The True Riches”- a film about education in Sierra Leone, 2013 - 2016

30 minute documentary about local game changers in Sierra Leone. In a series of interviews and cinematic vignettes, the film grapples with the civil war, education and the social projects that provide hope.

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“Walhalla 2.0”, 3-channel video installation on speculative archaeology, 2019

3-channel video installation accompanying the exhibition "the German Dream" by the artist group PARA on speculative archaeology. Brian Karp edited a 3-channel video installation that was shown as part of the exhibition "The German Dream" at the Grassi Museum Leipzig 2019.

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“Fallingwild”- a film / art project dealing with human-animal cohabitation, 2019

The project fallingwild revisits the relationship between architecture and nature by asking what design processes can look like if we take into account habitats of other species and understand non-human animals as space producers and urban actors.

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“Speculative Ruins” - artistic performative work on speculative capitalism, 2020

With "Speculative Ruins", the artist collective PARA-International continues its 2018 exploration of questions of time, narratives of memory politics, and the future of cultural heritage.  In a multivocal, artistic-performative Live action role play. PARA speculates on the end of speculative finance and looks back to the future of its ruins. Together, we created an audio-visual adaptation of the art work.

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“Amor Fati”, documentary, 2017

A portrait of a woman who struggled with the consequences of a late-term abortion after Down syndrome diagnosis with a severe heart defect. An exploration of coping mechanisms and mourning rituals in the context of perinatal grief following a late termination of pregnancy.

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A web-documentation about Ernes/Galizien

This small web documentary is mainly about the repopulated village of Ernes. Different residents talk about their motivation to move to the countryside and live out their dream of a self-managed and sustainable way of life in a small community.

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“Denis”, an experimental DOCU portrait, 2017

This documentary portrait provides an impression of the mindscape of a refugee from Sudan and the stark cultural contrast with a small village in Lower Saxony. The experimental character of the editing is meant to emphasize the sensory emotional world. This portrait was created in collaboration with Dongjoo Seo, Céline Burnand, Yoonha Kim and Olivier llouquet as a visual anthropological work.

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