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“Changing Cities”
Videoclips for Social Media Campaign

Brian Karp & Leonard Leesch
(Camera, Concept and Editing)
in collaboration with Antje Heinrich
(production assistance) 
for Changing Cities e.V


#FaireStrassen campaign website

#BundesRad campaign website

#schönerverkehren campaign on twitter

Changing Cities is committed day by day with campaigns, projects and creative actions for a people-friendly city with better infrastructure for walking and cycling and the expansion of public transport. It´s a Berlin-based organization that campaigns for livable and sustainable cities throughout Germany. The NGO initiated Germany's first mobility law with the "Volksentscheid Fahrrad" (referendum on cycling) and has been campaigning for its implementation ever since.

We are pleased that we have already been able to creatively support three campaigns of Changing Cities e.V. Thanks to the professionally produced videos for social media and website, the association was able to increase its outreach, clearly communicate its goals and carry out successful campaigns. The biggest challenge was to realize films within the framework of registered demonstrations, which must transport the mutually discussed aesthetics and vision, whilst not disturbing the demo. Demonstrations are often chaotic and full of opposing variables. Activists are not actors and documenting the event requires flexibility and adaptation. These are not ideal conditions for filming, nevertheless we remain focused and able to respond to the situation with ease, to ensure that we can deliver professional campaigns amongst the chaos.

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