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“Colour by Numbers” Television Campaign

Blake Paul Kendall
(Television commercial and online
content producer)for GPYR and
Starlight Children’s Foundation 2012 


Campaign Video

The Brief

Starlight Children’s Foundation is a non-governmental organisation in Australia that helps provide support for sick children and their families. In a climate of many NGOs and fundraising campaigns, it’s always important to get the attention of donors by being creative. Built on the aesthetic of a child’s world, this integrated campaign crossed broadcast and online channels, and allowed every donation to contribute to colouring in a picture. By visualising every donation through the playful ‘colour-by-numbers’ structure, a sense of common goal was established, enabling every contribution to be seen in a context of the whole.

This campaign was creatively visioned by Dave Joubert and Bart Pawlak (GPYR), directed by Steve Baker (Taxi Films) and shot by Tony Luu. In partnership with Simone Mackie (Taxi Films), we produced the broadcast commercial and the campaign with a unique blend of live-action and animation. This campaign is an example of our experience working with leading creatives of the advertising and production industries. This meaningful project highlights what is possible with a little bit of imagination and a splash of colour.

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