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Erasmus Filmprojekt
#HoertUnsZu (listen to us)

An Erasmus project between two primary schools in Berlin and two Viennese primary schools:

Man-made global warming affects us all and especially the youngest among us will be confronted with the climatic effects most intensively and for the longest time. How do primary school children experience the climate crisis and topics such as sustainability and environmental protection? The two focal points of the Erasmus project are biodiversity and mobility. The pupils will take part in joint activities, excursions and even an exchange between the partner primary schools in Berlin and Vienna. What are the problems and are they the same in Vienna and Berlin?  The children have already taken part in a Fridays for Future demonstration on World Climate Day in front of the Brandenburg Gate and asked participants about their motives in small mobile phone video interviews. On 20 September 2021, the schoolchildren transformed the street in front of the Peckwisch primary school into a play street and playfully questioned the Berlin “Mobilitätswende”. The most recent joint action on 27.09.2021 took the children out into the fresh air in the green classroom of the Marienfelde Nature Conservation Station, where insects were diligently examined under a magnifying glass. What kind of green spaces do insects need to feel at home in? The children went home with a research assignment to explore the habitat conditions and biodiversity of insects in their own neighbourhoods using mobile phone documentation. Green20s accompanies the children's actions on film and at the same time trains the pupils to create their own project video documentations with their mobile phone cameras so that a participatory video is produced by the end. There will also be video submissions from Viennese primary school pupils as well as documentary material from a Viennese film team. In the end, the film will be presented to the public on various channels and used as education resources.

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