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“Speculative Ruins” - artistic performative work on speculative capitalism

Brian Karp(Editing)
Concept & Storytelling in collaboration with Kolja Vennewald.
Amielie Neumann (Sound Design)
Jonas Fischer, Peter Behrbohm (Kamera), 2020


With "Speculative Ruins // Ruins of Speculation," the artist collective PARA continues its 2018 exploration of questions of time, narratives of memory politics, and the future of cultural heritage.

What historical role will credit derivatives, stock indices, and risk culture have? What cultural practices will pose an archaeological puzzle for us in the future? What ruins will financial speculation leave behind, and how do we speculate on the future debris of the present?

PARA is a group of artists from Berlin and Frankfurt with a research-based approach. The collective explores future ruins, narratives of memory politics and questions the heritage suitability of current modes of coexistence.

With: Peter Behrbohm, Burgund Brandt, Lina Brion, Josephine Hans, Chiara Galesi, Philipp Röding, Bastian Sistig, Hanna Steinmair, Kolja Vennewald

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