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EcoLeaks promotion-video for Global Action against fracking

Leonard Leesch, Brian Karp & Blake Paul Kendall 
in collaboration with Esteban Servat (2020) 


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The brief

A campaign film connecting the dots of sites of fracking and consumption. In collaboration with Esteban Servat for EcoLeaks (environmental crime exposure organization), this campaign film integrates international action from across the globe. The action took place simultaneously in the USA (El Paso, Texas), Ireland (Dublin), Argentina (Mendoza) and Spain (Barcelona) to stop the import of fracked gas to Europe. The resulting film documents the different actions that led to recent success of Ireland suspending the import of LNG gas from Argentina and Texas. We filmed in Barcelona, coordinated filming in the other countries and edited a social media video from all the footage.

The film is a promotional tool for further global demonstrations and shows how to facilitate effective global actions by connecting the invisibilities of free-trade capitalism. By linking the consuming ends of the Global North with the exploited manufacturing ends of the Global South, the devastating environmental impacts of daily consumerism becomes visible.

This type of very specifically targeted global demonstration makes it´s impact by showing solidarity with those most affected by climate change and taking responsibility for our daily consumption patterns in the Global North, which are seemingly inextricably entangled in postcolonial structures.

Addendum: The film was the communication tool for another successful Global demonstration, which took place at the end of 2020 in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Germany, Austria, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, England, Scotland, Ireland, the Netherlands, USA and France.

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